Satisfied Clients

Large building materials manufacturer
AP Review recovered over $103,000
Unlike some outside recovery folks, they came to our office, did the work, contacted suppliers and got the money sent to us.  My A/P manager averaged about 1 hr/wk in support of their effort over a 10 week period.  They identified about $103k in discrepancies (a 99.984% accuracy rate at our end).
In this day of increased audit scrutiny and Sarbanes Oxley, I think this was an extremely cost effective review and recommend the service.

Corporate Controller
Rapid growth medical equipment manufacturer
AP Review recovered over $440,000
Thank you for a very profitable audit of our AP system. Your consultants were very professional and courteous at all times and required very little time of our staff. Their courtesy extended beyond our walls to those of our vendors, and preserved our important vendor relationships.
APRI’s weekly coordination reports kept us informed at all times as to recoveries identified and recoveries collected. Your final analysis report summarized where our attention should be directed to in order to reduce or avoid future overpayments.
I would highly recommend the services of APRI, not only as a means of quick recovery of overpayments, but also as validation of processes within our accounts payable system.

Corporate Controller
Technology equipment manufacturer   
AP Review recovered over $98,000
There were a lot of concerns going into the review about how our vendors would react. Our experience was that APRI was very thorough and professional with all aspects of the review, working effectively with our vendors and staff. Our cash recovery was significant considering no staff disruption and little time invested on our part.
APRI staff was well trained and very helpful with our short tenured AP group in showing how to reduce future overpayments. From the management side we were kept well informed of progress through the weekly reporting process. This was clearly a win for our company.

General Accounting Manager
Technology equipment manufacturer  
AP review recovered over $65,000
Our experience with APRI was very positive. We made a nice return for minimal effort on our part, and corrected several areas where overpayments of taxes were occurring.
APRI was very thorough in their approach to this project.  Even though the majority of dollars recovered were collected early on, APRI continued to follow up with our vendors to collect ALL of the identified overpayments. They made the final recovery almost 12 months after leaving our site bringing the grand total recovered to over $65,000.
We also were able to go back on several occasions for advice dealing with certain vendor and tax questions. I highly recommend this service from APRI.