About APRI

A/P Recapture, Inc. (“APRI”) is an experienced provider of Accounts Payable Reviews. Our clients benefit greatly from our contingency-based audits. APRI consultants are trained to provide thorough disbursement document reviews which include analyzing client data, identifying potential overpayments, verifying our client’s claims and recovering overpayments. This brings cash back and adds profits to your bottom line.

APRI uses a combination of pre-review data gathering and a thorough on-site review process to maximize client returns while minimizing client staff involvement. APRI works closely with our clients and their vendors to insure results during our AP review process. Weekly progress reports keep our clients informed. A final report summarizing findings and recovery results includes key suggestions to eliminate future overpayment occurrences.

APRI’s primary goal is to be a value-add to our clients and their financial staff by providing our contingency-based services, with a well trained staff, excellent process, and data analysis tools. APRI does all of this with a clear understanding of performing the complete job from discovery to recovery without disruption to our client staff’s daily business requirements.