APRI offers a complete review of all disbursement documents. This process is performed by our analysts with a combination of electronic data analysis and a detailed on-site document review. Our process includes analysis of client data and hard copy or imaged files, identification and verification of potential overpayments with client and vendor, and recovery of dollars for our client.

Keep in mind that APRI analysts do all of the work from discovery to recovery.

Our analysts will look for and recover overpayments in many categories, including:

  • Duplicate payments
  • Payment to the wrong vendor
  • Missed discounts
  • Pricing errors
  • Contract compliance
  • Sales and Use tax
  • Recoverable deposits
  • Returned goods
  • Warranty credit
  • Duty draw back
  • Freight charges

APRI provides our clients with weekly status reporting. At the conclusion of our on-site work we provide our client with a thorough final report. This report includes detailed analysis of findings and recommendations to prevent future overpayment occurrences.

APRI Accounts Payable Reviews can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.

Our work is performed on a contingency basis based on a percentage of actual credits and cash recoveries usable by our client.